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Wage Rate Guidelines

Wage/Rate Recommendations

  • Minimum wage in Florida as of 9/30/2022 is $11.00 – students must be hired at no less than this rate
  • Wage/Rate should be based on responsibilities
    • Positions requiring basic skills/responsibilities should start at a base rate
    • Positions requiring additional skills or responsibilities may pay a higher rate based on the level of skill or responsibility (i.e. IT/Technical skills, research skills, training or supervisory responsibilities)
    • Students may receive raises if their performance merits recognition and/or if the responsibilities expand
    • Wage/Rate should be equivalent to what any other employee in the position would receive (OPS/USPS)
    • Wage/Rate should not exceed what any other employee in the position would receive (OPS/USPS)
    • Awards do not change based on rate