Creating your FSA ID

Do you need help creating your FSA ID? Here's a presentation on Creating and Using Your FSA ID.


FSU FAFSA School Code

To complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, make sure you add FSU's School Code: 001489.


Orientation Presentation

Going to Orientation? Here's a look at the Financial Aid presentation we will be giving for our incoming studen

NOLE Resources

Monitor your To Do List and Holds on myFSU on a regular basis for updated information.

Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions must be accepted prior to the review of your financial aid award offer. Please be sure to acknowledge by logging into myFSU.

Special Circumstance Appeals

Special Circumstance appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and require a letter of explanation and supporting documentation.  Professional Judgment forms may be found here and are also available in our office located in University Center A Room 4400.

Dates of Importance

For tuition payment deadlines, financial aid disbursement, and other important dates you can check the Registrar or Student Business Services websites.


The Office of Financial Aid takes precaution in not over-awarding a student initially.  However, circumstances may change after the initial financial aid awards have been made, resulting in an over-award. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Receiving additional financial aid from an outside source
  • A change in residency from out-of state to Florida resident
  • Enrollment from full-time to less than full-time

When over-awards occur, we are required to review your financial aid eligibility and may have to adjust, reduce, or eliminate financial aid awarded to ensure that the total you receive is within federal guidelines.  This may result in an accounts receivable in which you are responsible for paying.

To help prevent an over-award, we strongly recommend that you notify the Office of Financial Aid of any potential awards not already listed on your financial aid award summary.

$ALT-Money Knowledge for college- and beyond


$ALT is:

  • FREE service provided for FSU students
  • Service that provides information, advice, and support throughout the higher education experience
  • The only solution the guides students from matriculation through graduation and beyond
  • Consists of college planning, financial education, and education debt management

Focusing of five key issues:

  1. Repayment and knowledge
  2. Tactics for minimalizing education debt
  3. Budgeting knowledge skills
  4. Credit management
  5. Job search

Sign up for this free service here:

Budget Worksheet

Estimate your out of pocket college expense by completing this handy budget worksheet.  The budget worksheet uses current rates to allows you to estimate your out of pocket expenses and compare them to your financial aid awards.


Last updated 03/21/2017
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