Scholarship Scams!

Beware of any scholarship search service that charges a fee.  The information that you are paying for could be obtained through another source at no cost. This  Scholarship Scam web page at  offers excellent guidance on how to identify and avoid scholarship scams.

Scholarships are an excellent way to fund your education. A scholarship can be based on academic qualifications, on talent, or on a variety of other qualifications. The key to earning a scholarship is to make the effort to identify scholarships that you may qualify for, respond fully and accurately to any application requirements, and don't give up!

FSU is excited to offer a new online scholarship platform to help you in your scholarship search - FS4U - Finding Scholarships For You   This search identifies any FSU Foundation (donor) scholarships that you may apply for.  Please review it carefully, and check back frequently as new opportunities may be added at any time.

FSU has also compiled a listing of private donors that have awarded FSU students in the past – you can search for scholarship opportunities through this page:

Scholarships are considered a financial resource in determining your need for other aid, and must be reported to the FSU Office of Financial Aid through your Financial Aid Student Toolkit outside resource page.  Your financial aid award may be adjusted based on receipt of scholarships at any time during the academic year.


Last updated: 3/5/2019
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