Steps to Finding a FWS Position

Accept your work study award. Once you accept your award, and complete all outstanding financial document requests, you will get an email from FSU (within 2-3 days) with a link to our job portal and a copy of your work study authorization (FWS Authorization) form.

1. Search for a job

We encourage students to apply for jobs/positions that align with their field of study or career goals. You may choose an (on-campus) position with departments like the student union, library, College of Medicine, etc. or an (off-campus) position with our Community Service Partner Agencies like the City of Tallahassee Parks and Recreation, Tallahassee Urban League, or the State Attorney's Office.

If you have been awarded work study you may use the online portal to search for an open position (Note: this link will only work for you if you have received an email from the Office of Financial Aid containing your work study authorization form. If you have received the email and are having issues opening the provided link, please see here for instructions on clearing your cache).

2. Apply and Interview

On campus jobs
  • Online job portal
    • If you are applying for a job advertised on the online job portal, you will be required to upload your FWS Authorization form and you may choose to upload a resume (recommended). The department will contact you for an interview (We do recommend that you follow up with the department if you have not heard anything within a week or two).
Community Service
  • Review the job listings in our FSU online job portal, and complete the application. 
    • Make note of the contact information as you will also need to contact the agency directly to set up an interview.
  • Take your FWS Authorization Form to your interview. When you are hired, have the agency supervisor email the completed Authorization form to the Office of Financial Aid
  • Don’t start work until your background check has been completed and all payroll paperwork has been completed by our office.
  • You must have an FSU FWS award already on your award offer to be eligible to apply

3. Get Hired

On Campus
  • Once a department has offered you a position, they will need to complete paperwork to get you into the FSU - HR/Payroll system before you are able to begin working. This can take 7-10 business days.
  • Print your Authorization form and take it with you to your interview. When you are offered a position, your department will need this to start the hiring process.
  • In addition to your FWS Authorization form, take the following with you to your interview:
    • Picture I.D.
    • Original Social Security card (signed)
    • (or)
    • Passport
    • Eligible non-citizens - alien registration card
  • Employing departments must complete the I-9 Verification process and in some cases, a background check may be required before the hiring process is completed.

4. Begin Working (Schedule and Timesheets)

Applicable for all categories (On Campus/ Community)

  • Set up your schedule around your classes. You cannot work at any time that would conflict with your class schedule.  Even if your class is cancelled for the day, you cannot work.


  • On Campus – On Campus student employees will be instructed by their hiring department and/or supervisor on how to record and enter time for each biweekly pay period and the required deadline date in the online HR system.  Time should always be reported in the pay period worked, and must be submitted before the university deadline for that pay period. Time must be approved in the online HR system by the department supervisor before the official university deadline date.
  • Off-Campus/Community Service – Off Campus/Community Service student employees will be required to report their time worked for each biweekly pay period online in the FSU HR/Payroll system. Time should always be reported in the pay period worked and must be submitted before the university deadline for that pay period. Hours reported on the timesheet must be approved in the online HR system by the designated agency supervisor before the deadline.

*Most students will work between 10-15 hours per week. Work Study schedules should not exceed 28 hours per week.

Last updated 7/6/2021
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