Steps to Finding a FWS Position

1. Search for a job

There are many different types of positions available for work study students, both on and off- campus.  We encourage students to apply for jobs that align with their field of study or career goals, but you may also choose to apply for a job that fits your experience, interests, and skills.  

On campus jobs (departments, student union, library, etc.) 

  • On campus - Jobs can be found through our online job listings for work study jobs

Community Service (nonprofit/government agencies)

  • Community Service Work Study – Work study students may choose to work with an off-campus non-profit or governmental agency.  Jobs will be listed in our online job listings.

Opportunities to work with Amazon

  • Excellent opportunity for students who have, or wish to develop customer service/business skills
  • More than a job – this is an opportunity that offers mentoring to develop work skills to take students on past graduation
  • Review the job listing on our online job listing site, and complete the application.  There will be additional application processes through Amazon before hiring is complete.

Note – you can apply for multiple positions – but you can only accept and work 1 work study job.

Don’t delay - Students who have not submitted authorization/placement papers by September 25th will have their awards cancelled so that we can award additional students. 

If you are having trouble finding a job, contact our office by email at and we will work with you.

2. Apply and Interview

On campus jobs

  • Online job listing
    • If you are applying for a job advertised on the online job listing, you will be required to upload your FWS Authorization form, and you may choose to upload a resume (recommended).  The department will contact you for an interview.
  • FWS On Campus Spreadsheet
    • If you are applying for a job advertised on the FWS Spreadsheet, you will need to contact the department to request an interview.  Bring your FWS Authorization form and any documents you might need for the hiring process (Social Security Card, Citizenship documentation) with you to the interview, if possible.

Community Service

  • Review the job listings in our FSU online job site, and complete the application. 
    • Make note of the Contact information as you will also need to contact the agency directly to set up an interview
  • Take your FWS Authorization Form to you interview
  • When you are hired, the agency will complete the Authorization form – bring it to the FSU Office of Financial Aid Work Study office
  • Don’t start work until your payroll paperwork has been completed by our office


  • Review the job listing on our FSU online job site, and complete the application.
    • FSU and Amazon will follow up with additional application steps that you will need to complete for the Amazon hiring process
    • Amazon will contact you with additional steps as they review your application – they may have you participate in a virtual hiring event as part of the interview/application process. 
  • You must have an FSU FWS award already on your award offer to be eligible to apply

3. Get Hired

On Campus/Community Service

Once a department has offered you a position, they will need to complete paperwork to get you into the FSU - HR/Payroll system.  This can take 7-10 business days, and you must be in the system before you can begin to work.

Your department/supervisor will complete your Authorization and initiate paperwork to place you on payroll. You will need to have your Social Security Card and, if you are not a U.S. Citizen, provide your DHS documentation.  

Print your Authorization form and take it with you to your interview. If you are offered a position, your employer can start the payroll process. 

  • In addition to your FWS Authorization form, take the following with you to your interview:    
  1. Social Security card (signed) 
  1. Picture I.D. 
  1. Eligible non-citizens - alien registration card 


  • If you are a new employee to the FSU Omni payroll or you did not have a FWS job last year, have your employer help you complete the "Employee Forms Wizard" on the Human Resources website. ( > Forms > Employee Forms Wizard) link. 
  • Departments also must complete the I-9 Verification process, and in some cases, if a background check is required, a Criminal Background check.
  • You will need to turn in your FWS Employment Authorization Form and if you are new to the system, the Employee Wizard Forms to the FSU Office of Financial Aid. 
    • Documents can be placed in the FWS Dropbox in the FSU Office of Financial Aid Lobby.  


  • If you are hired as part of the Amazon work study program, Amazon will complete your hiring paperwork. 

4. Begin Working (Direct Deposit and Timesheets)

Applicable for all categories (On Campus/ Community/ Amazon)

  • Set up your schedule around your classes. You cannot work at any time that would conflict with your class schedule.  Even if your class is cancelled for the day, you cannot work unless you document your supervisor and the Office of Financial Aid, in writing, that the class was cancelled.


Applicable for On Campus/ Community

  • Make sure your supervisor gives you instructions on how to set-up your direct deposit of your paycheck (this is not the EFT for Financial Aid) and how to process your timesheet to get paid which is completed through the Omni Employee Self Service and your department should give you the instructions. You cannot work until you are on FSU's payroll system. 
Last updated 4/9/2017
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