Guidelines for Federal Work Study Employment


  • In order to be eligible for Federal Work Study, a student must:
  • Be a degree seeking student at FSU
  • Be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours
  • Meet financial aid satisfactory academic progress standards
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Have remaining financial need (based on FAFSA data and taking into account any scholarships and grants awarded)


  • The Office of Financial Aid awards students work study, based on available funds.  Students who accept their awards and who have complete all requested documentation, receive an authorization form, which they should bring to their interview to show that they are awarded and to allow the hiring process to begin.
  • Students are awarded a specific amount each term that they have the opportunity to earn, through employment with on-campus (or approved off-campus) employers. 
  • Students may not earn more than their award, and the student and the department should keep track of semester earnings and plan the student’s schedule accordingly.  Students who earn over their award may have other awards adjusted to prevent overawards.

Job Opportunities

  • Students can work in a variety of capacities, including office, research, and campus support.  Students can work evenings and/or weekends.  Work is to be part time (no more than 28 hours per week), and must not be scheduled at a time that would interfere with classes or tests.  
  • Departments should create a job posting through the FSU FWS job listing process (see instructions here) to advertise positions to students.  Students will apply through the job listing process and should attach their authorization form.  Departments should then interview applicants and determine who they would like to hire. 
  • Reminder – work study students are considered FSU employees and their job responsibilities and rights are the same as any FSU employee.  Training, confidentiality and safety rules apply to work study students, just as they would to any FSU employee. 

Background checks

  • A background check questionnaire is incorporated in the job posting so that HR can determine if one is needed. 
  • Job listings cannot be approved until HR makes a determination on whether a background check would be required for the position based on the responsibilities.
  • If a background check is required for the position, it is the department’s responsibility to initiate the background check for the candidate through the HR Background Check Form Portal at Additionally, the department is responsible for paying for the individual background check


  • Students are hired in accordance with FSU hiring practices and procedures and cannot start work or be paid until they are fully in the HR system (Please see hiring checklist for additional information on hiring). 

Work Schedules

  • Work is to be part time (no more than 28 hours per week), and must not be scheduled at a time that would interfere with classes or tests.
    • Even if a professor cancels a class – please do not allow the student to work during a time that they would normally be in class.