Job Location and Development Program

What is the Job Location and Development Program?

The Job Location and Development (JLD) Program is a federally funded program designed to help students find part time employment. The goal of this program is to help students identify part-time jobs that complement their academic and career goals. Job opportunities are made available to all students, whether they are eligible for need-based driven financial aid or not.

What is the purpose of JLD Program?

The purpose of the JLD program is to expand off-campus job opportunities for students who are enrolled in eligible institutions of higher education and want jobs, regardless of their financial need, and to encourage students to participate in community service activities. This means that jobs may be located and developed under the JLD Program for Federal Work Study (FWS) and non-FWS eligible students

What are some advantages of the JLD Program?

Employment enables students to cover part of their expenses while attending school. Studies show that work has positive effects on students' overall academic achievements, as they learn to manage their time and resources more efficiently. It also helps to cut down on student loan debt. 

The JLD Program is also beneficial to employers as they can hire highly motivated students who are interested in expanding their academic interests into the employment arena. Employers often find that an excellent part-time employee can become a reliable full-time prospect upon graduation.


Job Listings

On- and off-campus part-time job opportunities for all FSU students (no work study award required) are listed through NoleNetwork.

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