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Office of Financial Aid Contacts

Phone: 850-644-0539
Fax: 850-644-6404

Office of Financial Aid
Suite 4400A University Center
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2430

General questions:
Work Study questions:
CARE Program questions:

  • NOTE: The CARE program is unrelated to the CARES Act. If you have questions about the CARES Act, please see this page or email

Withdrawal questions:
Outreach Events questions:

Program Directors

Margarett Coleman

Program Director
Loans, Federal Work-Study, and Client Services

Cathy Jones

Program Director
NCAA, Compliance, and Accounting

Coressa Reed

Program Director
Professional Judgement, Transient Students, and Outreach

Sherron Sloan

Program Director
Bright Futures, Scholarships, and State Programs


Sue Vickers


Academic Eligibility

(Bright Futures, Satisfactory Academic Progress & Title IV Withdrawal)

Name Position Phone Email
Casey Boyett Assistant Director (850) 644-2080
Courtney Kincaid Title IV Withdrawal (850) 644-2128
Angela Huggins Financial Aid Specialist: State Programs (850) 644-1914
Shella St Eloi Financial Aid Specialist: Scholarships (850) 644-5873
Etheria Goosby Financial Aid Specialist: Scholarships (850) 644-0375
Sean McMahon Financial Aid Specialist: SAP (850) 645-7926


Name Position Phone Email
Brenda Poole Assistant Director (850) 644-1397
Rochelle Fields Sr. Acct. Specialist: Federal Programs (850) 644-7304
Jules Thomas Sr. Acct. Specialist: State Programs (850) 644-1427


Name Position Phone Email
Gina Maddox Program Manager (850) 644-2310


Name Position Phone Email
Klaudia Trujillo Audits/Compliance Analyst (850) 644-2899

Campus Based Aid/Verification Process

Name Position Phone Email
Angela Price Assistant Director (850) 644-1958
Dianne Nolan Financial Aid Specialist: Income Reduction (850) 644-0992
Briana Rollinson Financial Aid Specialist: Independency (850) 645-2719
Gerard Walker Financial Aid Specialist: Cost of Attendance (850) 644-3746
Reshina Heath Financial Aid Specialist: Divorce (850) 644-4870
Tearney Wilson Financial Aid Specialist: Death of Parent (850) 644-1641

Client Services and Processing

Name Position Phone Email
Angelise Card Assistant Director (850) 644-0376
Jamara McCalla-Graham Financial Aid Specialist (850) 644-1818
Angelique Jackson Financial Aid Specialist: Customer Relations Manager (850) 644-3197
Fritzlaine Veillard Financial Aid Specialist (850) 644-5651
Vacant Financial Aid Specialist - -
Andrew Shirley Financial Aid Specialist -
Vacant Financial Aid Specialist (850) 644-5873 -
Betty Palmore Financial Aid Specialist: Processing Supervisor (850) 644-2675


Name Position Phone Email
Teri Lucas Assistant Director (850) 644-4812
Brittni Proctor Financial Aid Specialist: NFSL (850) 644-1903
Jalen Fitzpatrick Financial Aid Specialist: Direct Loans (850) 644-6521
Margo White Financial Aid Specialist: Plus Loans (850) 644-2395
Vacant Financial Aid Specialist: Prof Programs Law/ Med School Liaison (850) 645-1013 -


Name Position Phone Email
Reyonna Parrish Program Manager (850) 644-5760
Wendy Pioquinto Outreach Specialist (850) 644-0380
Vacant Pell Specialist (850) 644-1456 -
Margo White Pell Specialist (850) 644-2395

Transient Studies

Name Position Phone Email
Karrie Roberts Program Manager (850) 644-1993

Work Study Program

Name Position Phone Email
Teri Lucas Assistant Director (850) 644-4812
Jean Mills FWS Program Coordinator (850) 644-4480
Debbie Freeman FWS Program Coordinator (850) 645-6573

Florida State University's Office of Financial Aid welcomes all students and parents to come visit during office hours. A financial aid counselor is available at our lobby desk at all times to answer any questions or receive any documents. Students and parents are welcome to request a sit-down financial aid consultation with any of our resource officers. Consultations are on a walk-in basis, so no appointments are necessary.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM EST.

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