Transient Students

To be Eligible for Financial Aid

Degree Seeking at FSU

  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must have a completed financial aid file (including all required documentation - see your "to-do" list on
  • Must have an approved transient application on file with Florida State University, Office of Financial Aid.
  • Must be approved to receive financial aid for courses at host institution.

Non-Degree Seeking Transient at FSU

  • Contact your Home Institution to determine your eligibility for financial aid while attending Florida State University

Who is a Transient Student?

A transient student is defined per section 1006.73, Florida Statutes,  as an undergraduate student who is “currently enrolled and pursuing a degree at a public postsecondary institution and who enrolls in a course offered by a public postsecondary institution that is not the student’s degree granting institution.”

FSU Degree Seeking Students:   Florida State University will process and disburse Financial Aid for approved courses listed on the transient application.  Aid will only be disbursed for courses which will transfer as credit toward an undergraduate degree at Florida State University.

Transient Students Attending FSU:   Florida State University will not process or disburse financial aid for a non-degree seeking student attending as a transient student.  Please contact your degree-granting institution for financial aid.


Last updated 4/22/2019
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