Transient Student Terms and Conditions

  1. FSU Office of Financial Aid will process financial aid for FSU degree seeking students only.
  2. Students must request approval to take a course(s) at a state public college or university by completing and submitting an online Transient Student Admission Application at  Students that wish to request approval as a transient student for a state private college or university or an out-of-state school must submit a paper Transient Student Application available with the Registrar’s Office.  Details and instructions are provided for the application process.
    • NOTE:  Students must receive approval from both institutions to take courses at a host institution.
  3. Must have a completed financial aid file (including all required documentation - see your "to-do" list on
  4. Students will be responsible for paying tuition and fees due to host institution if payment deadlines are prior to financial aid disbursement.
  5. Students must be actively enrolled in the total required number of credits according to the type of award(s) before receiving a disbursement.
  6. Students may be required to repay financial aid awards should they drop or withdraw from any classes.


Last updated 4/05/2019
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