State Scholarships

The State of Florida provides scholarships through several programs. One that you might be familiar with is the Bright Futures scholarship program. Information on all State Programs is available online through the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA)

If you are an out of state student, check with your state's department of education to see if you are eligible for any state grants that they might offer.

FSU is required to report grades and hours earned at the end of spring so that the state can determine if a student meets renewal for their state awards. For more information regarding renewal requirements for state awards, please see the state facts sheet at

Students who fail to meet renewal requirements for any of the state programs due to an extenuating circumstance may appeal to restore eligibility. For information on how to file an appeal, please see our page here:

Bright Futures

To apply for a Bright Futures Scholarship, submit a completed Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) during your last year in high school (after December 1 and prior to graduation). It is your responsibility to know and meet the requirements of the Bright Future Scholarship Program before high school graduation. For a comprehensive list view the Bright Futures Student Handbook.

Award Amount
Bright Futures Scholarship Rates At FSU

Bright Futures Academic Scholarship

$213.55/credit hour

Bright Futures Medallion Scholarship $160.16/credit hour
  • Coursework taken at other state schools is paid based on the rate for that school
  • Rates and eligibility rules are set by the Florida legislature and are subject to revision
  • Beginning Fall 2021, students who have been awarded the Bright Futures Academic Scholarship will no longer receive $300 towards additional educational expenses for the fall and spring semesters. This has been mandated per
Eligibility Requirements
  • Bright Futures Academic Scholarship
    • 3.50 GPA (upon graduation of high school)
    • ACT score: 29 or above OR SAT score: 1330 or above
    • Community Service Hours: 100 or above
    • Renewal:
      • Maintain 3.0 cumulative GPA while enrolled at FSU
      • Earn required hours for the scholarship. Please use our Credit Hour Tool   to check your eligibility.
  • Bright Futures Medallion Scholarship
    • 3.00 GPA (upon graduation of high school)
    • ACT score: 25 or above OR SAT score: 1210 or above
    • Community Service Hours: 75 or above
    • Renewal:
      • Maintain 2.75 cumulative GPA while enrolled at FSU
      • Earn required hours for the scholarship. Please use our Credit Hour Tool to check your eligibility.

Benacquisto Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship is available to National Merit Finalists that are graduating with a standard high school diploma and guarantees admission into FSU's University Honors Program. Detailed information about this scholarship can be found here. More information about the National Merit Scholarship can found here.

Award Amount
  • This award equals the institutional cost of attendance (minus the sum of Bright Futures and the National Merit scholarship). The total value of this scholarship is over $80,000 over four years.
Eligibility Requirements
  • Have received a National Merit Scholarship award
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Earned a standard high school diploma
  • Enroll full time at FSU for the Fall term following high school graduation
  • Maintain a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA while enrolled at FSU

  For more information, please view our Frequently Asked Questions.


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