Document Submission Tips

Here are some tips to assist you with completing and submitting your documents:

  • All verification documents have helpful guidelines, please review them carefully to ensure that all requirements are met when you submit them. Please note that additional documents may be requested if required.
  • Documents submitted electronically should be in PDF format.
  • Please ensure that your EMPLID/FSU ID and Name is visible on all documents submitted. 
  • All documents must be signed by the student and parent(s) of dependent student (when applicable). Please be aware that we are not able to accept electronic signatures, therefore you must print and physically sign the documents.
  • For double-sided documents, please include both front and back of the document when submitting.
    • Example: Permanent Resident Cards, tax return transcripts.
  • Please use the IRS Data Retrieval tool on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), if you are required to submit Tax Return Transcripts – it is fast, easy and accurate.
  • Some additional guidelines for common issues:
    • Dependent/Independent Verification Worksheet
      • Section B. Family/household Information, subsection C.
        • “Other(s) in house”
          • Provide a notarized statement indicating:
            • Any other financial assistance they are receiving outside of your contribution
            • The percentage of your financial contribution
            • Why support is needed
            • Provide supporting documentation as needed
      • Section D. Untaxed Income:
        • Tax Deferred Pension - Only include codes D, E, F, G, H, and S (do NOT include any other codes such as double letter (DD) and wages).
    • Non-filer Statements
      • If any income is listed on the document please provide the W-2(s) or proof of income (IRS 1099, S Corp, etc).
      • Parent(s): If there was no income earned for the specified year, provide a notarized statement to indicate your means of survival.
    • Statement of Educational Purpose
      • Can only be submitted in person or by postal mail. Include a copy of the identification provided at the time of notary certification.
    • Divorce/Separation Application
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