Appeal Process

Financial aid will not be disbursed for any students on Satisfactory Academic Progress hold. If an appeal is approved, financial aid will be disbursed on a term by term basis.

Students who do not meet SAP standards may appeal the termination of their eligibility by submitting a SAP Appeal form with an explanation of mitigating circumstances. Appealable circumstances may include student or family medical circumstances, death of family member (or other significant person), or other special circumstances that would have impacted the student's academic progress. The appeal must include:

  • Documentation to support the reason(s) that SAP standards were not met
  • Documentation to substantiate the circumstance.
  • An Academic Plan (AP), developed in conjunction with the student's academic department/adviser
    • The AP must have documentation of an enrollment plan that will bring the student back into SAP compliance and/or result in graduation
    • If you diverge from your provided academic plan, you must let the Office of Financial Aid know and provide us with a new, approved plan.

Students should work with their adviser/department to develop a recommended academic plan and should make and keep a copy of the plan. It is important to note submission of an academic plan does not guarantee approval of the appeal. Appeals received with all supporting documentation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for adjudication.

Appeals for Fall terms should be submitted by August 1st.
Appeals for Spring terms should be submitted by December 1st.
Appeals for Summer terms should be submitted by July 8th.

Appeals may be accepted after these dates, however aid may not be available at early disbursement or standard disbursement periods as aid will be on hold pending decision of appeal. Additionally, awards may be cancelled after this date for any student who has not filed an appeal. Additional deadline information is stated on the appeal form.


Last updated: 05/24/2022
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