Regaining Eligibility

Repeat Appeals


A second or subsequent SAP appeal may be considered for justifiable events that are well documented. A new appeal form should be submitted, along with a current academic plan. A committee of OFA administrators will review and adjudicate the appeal.  Upon completion, students are emailed the final decision.



Students who lose eligibility may regain eligibility if, in the future, their academic performance meets the standards.

Example: Student “A”

In this example, the student appealed but was denied:

  • Student attempted 30 credits, but passed only 18
  • Percentage rate = 60% (18/30 = .60)
  • If received B grades in 18 credits, and F grades in 12 credits: GPA = 1.80

The student can regain eligibility once they achieve the required percentage rate and GPA.

If the student takes 12 credits and passes all the credits with grades of “B” or better:

  • the percent rate would then move above 67%
  • GPA would move above 2.0
  • Important note - the student would not receive financial aid for the term that they were ineligible – the student must pay for the term on their own.

Last updated: 3/30/2016
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