Private Loans

Have you applied for Federal Student Aid?

Before considering private educational loans, it's important to apply for all other types of aid. Please complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for federal, state and institutional grants, federal work study, and low-interest federal loans, first.

As “Private/Alternative Loans” are funded by private lenders, they are not based on need and are available for students who are not eligible for federal financial aid and/or students who may need additional funds to meet educational expenses.

Loan Process

Applications and Eligibility requirements vary according to lender. Things to consider when selecting a lender:

The borrower/student:

  • Must be degree-seeking (or admitted and enrolled into a degree program) student. ** Some lender requirements may differ
  • Must be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). ** Some lender requirements may differ
  • Must be enrolled at FSU.
  • May be required to be a U.S citizen, permanent resident, or eligible non-citizen. ** Some lender requirements may differ

As we do not offer a “preferred lender list”, it is up to the student/parent to research for alternative loan lenders as interest rates and fees, deferments, and repayments vary by lender.

Certification Process

  • Student/parent apply for loan (Click "Apply Here" below)
  • Applied amount sent to school for certification
  • Certified by school (verifies enrollment and cost of attendance)
  • Certification returned to lender
  • If lender approves certification, a disbursement date will be set
  • Disbursement will be sent to school within 10-14 business days

Changes in the Cost of Attendance may impact your private loan award eligibility, and your award amount may be subject to revision or cancellation. Changes may include changes in enrollment, residency status, or other financial aid awarded.

Normal processing time for the funds to be sent to Florida State University is 10-14 business days.Once the funds are received, the approved amount will be disbursed and applied to your FSU account ( within 24-48 hours.

You may also view additional financial aid related information, and consumer information on our website,

***Disbursements will occur after the drop/add period.  If you reduce your enrollment or withdraw after financial aid disburses, you may be required to repay part or all of your financial aid back.


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Last updated 12/15/2021
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