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Cost of Attendance Adjustment

Adjustments for special circumstances can be made to the cost of attendance should the student have unexpected costs. This form may be used for either a one-time only consideration for the program computer requirement (purchase of a computer must be made BEFORE completing this form), to request a cost of attendance increase for child care costs during periods of enrollment, as well as the purchase of items not accounted for in the average students cost of attendance (must be a requirement for major and purchase must be made BEFORE completing this form).

Death of Parent (or for independent students -- Student's spouse)

To be filed only if initial FAFSA data included deceased parent (or student's spouse) in income or household

Dependency Override Application

Federal need based aid is awarded with the philosophy that the determination of need should include consideration of the parent's income, unless the student meets one of the independent criteria on the FAFSA (any of the following : over 24, in graduate school, married, veteran/military, dependent other than spouse)

If you would normally be required to complete parent information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but believe you have exceptional circumstances that justify applying as an independent student, you may submit it to FSU for review.

Circumstances that DO NOT Warrant a Dependency Override:

  • Parents refuse to contribute to educational costs
  • Parents unwilling to provide information on FAFSA or for verification purposes
  • Parents do not claim the student as a dependent for income tax purposes
  • Student demonstrates total self-sufficiency

Dependency Override Renewal

A student with an approved Dependency Override for the previous year at Florida State University who does not meet the federal criteria for independent status on the upcoming year's FAFSA may submit this Dependency Override Renewal application. Upon receipt of your documents, our office will determine if circumstances continue to exist and will notify you of your status in writing.

Divorce Separation of Parents/Student

To be used if parents of dependent student divorce or separate after completion of the FAFSA, or, if student is independent, divorce or separation of student and spouse after completion of the FAFSA. (Necessary only if both parents, or for independent, student and parent were reported in income and household data on FAFSA).

Emergency Medical Expense

For medical expenses in current year not covered by insurance that a doctor or dentist has determined to be immediately required.

Non-elective Dental/Medical Expense

For medical expenses not covered by insurance that are above 11% of the adjusted gross income (and therefore considered in the standard or itemized deduction).

Parental College Enrollment Verification

For confirmation of parent enrollment in college courses for the corresponding academic year. The parent must be enrolled in minimum of 6 credit hours (or equivalent clock hours) per term to be considered.

Special Circumstance Income Reduction Situation Application

Significant Loss of Income or other unusual situation due to loss of income (circumstances can include divorce or death of a parent -or for independent students the student's spouse).
For income reduction related to loss or reduction of employment you must also download and complete the Employment Verification Form.

Special Circumstance Revaluation

A Special Circumstance was processed and approved for 2016/17. If you would like our office to reevaluate your circumstance for the 2017/18.

Special Dependent Care Expenses

For consideration of expenses related to care for elderly or disabled family members.

Special Education School Costs

For consideration of elementary or secondary school expenses for a child or children required to attend a particular school for medical, emotional or physical reasons.


Last updated 9/22/2017