Work Study FAQ

Students have a lot of questions about Federal Work Study. Below, we have a few of the frequently asked questions. To see the rest, click here for more!

I applied for Financial Aid using FAFSA and I didn't get FWS. Why?

The funding for FWS goes very fast, so apply early in January for the following academic year. Awards are need-base, and are made to students who marked on the FAFSA that they are interested in work study. To the best extent possible, awards are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I have been awarded the Federal Work Study Program for the Fall/Spring semester. When will I receive information to find my job?

Watch for an email to your official FSU email account with information on how finding a job and on completing payroll authorization. The email will not go out until you accept your award. The email will have instructions and will include your Work Study Authorization. Follow the instructions to find a work study job, and submit your work authorization form by the deadline of July 29, 2016. If you do not turn in your forms by September 2016, at the Office of Financial Aid, your FWS will be canceled for both Fall and Spring semesters.

I received a FWS award and I DO NOT want it. What should I do?

You should decline it on your Financial Aid Student Toolkit or contact the Financial Aid Office. If you cancel your work study online your award is cancelled for both Fall AND Spring. If you need to cancel Fall but want to work the Spring term, please contact our office BEFORE September 2016 to confirm that this is acceptable.

Do you have FWS in the Summer?

Only if funds are available. Check with the Office of Financial Aid in March to see if Work Study is available for the Summer term.

Last updated 4/14/2016
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