Summer is considered a non-standard academic term, and has its own terms and conditions.

Please read these items carefully as they detail the conditions you must meet and maintain in order to be eligible for Federal, State, Institutional and other types of financial aid.

  • Awards are estimated based on full time enrollment (12 credit hours).
  • Awards may be adjusted based on final enrollment/session.
  • Disbursement of funds will not be made until you are attending a minimum of 6 credit hours.
  • Example: if you are enrolled in only 3 credits in the first sessions (A, B, or F Sessions) and 3 or more credits in Session C, your aid will not be disbursed until Session C.
  • If you reduce your enrollment or withdraw after financial aid disburses, you may be required to repay some or all of your financial aid.

Federal Pell Grant

  • If you receive Pell for full-time enrollment in the Fall and Spring term, you will not have any Pell eligibility for summer.
  • If you have remaining Pell eligibility for summer, your award is estimated based on full time enrollment and may be adjusted based on final enrollment and remaining Pell eligibility for the year.
  • First Time in College Students who are eligible for Pell Grant will receive an estimated award based on Full Time enrollment (12 credit hours). The Pell Grant will be reduced if you are enrolled less than 12 credit hours.
  • Transfer Students who did not have Full Time enrollment in the Fall and Spring term at their previous institution(s) will need to contact the Office of Financial Aid in order to have Pell eligibility reviewed for the Summer term.

Transient Student Enrollment / Enrollment at another school

  • If you wish to take courses at another institution, your coursework must be approved by your advisor for transfer credit towards your degree, and enrollment and cost of attendance must be verified with your host school, before financial aid can be disbursed.
  • Before you will be considered for Financial Aid you must have on file:
  • a current valid Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • a complete financial aid file (no outstanding financial aid document requests on your To Do List)
  • Students attending another Florida public college or university for Summer must go to Florida Shines and apply as a transient student
  • Students who will attend another institution while enrolled at FSU in the same semester (for example, TCC) should indicate DUAL ENROLLMENT in the student comment box.
  • Students attending FAMU must complete the CO-OP Form with the Registrar's Office.
  • Student attending a Florida private college or university or an out-of-state institution must complete the paper transient application available here.
  • Students applying to Florida private colleges or out-of-state institutions will also need to have their host school complete a Financial Aid Consortium agreement with FSU Office of Financial Aid.

Last updated 4/19/2016
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