Work Study Summer 2019 Information

Summer Work Study Information

For the summer 2019 term, we have extended work study awards to students who are enrolled at least 6 credits in the A and/or B terms and who are currently employed in the Spring term.  Departments will receive an email with the authorization forms for their continuing students, and they should have their HR Representatives follow the instructions below to extend funding through June 13, 2019:

  • Have your departmental HR rep create an e-Paf to add a Proposed Funding period with the account code: 254219660-O starting May 6, 2019 and ending June 13, 2019.  Please note that students may not work past 6/13/2019 on the work study budget (but if your department wishes to continue their employment, they can be switched to an OPS budget after that date).
    • If the student job record has already been terminated, the HR Rep will need to complete a p-PAF rather than an e-Paf.  (Contact us at if there is any question on which process needs to be completed)
    • Complete the FWS Summer Authorization form (emailed to departments and to students) and provide it to your HR Representative so that they can attach to the e-PAF (or P-Paf)


New Hires

If you wish to hire any additional students, please have your HR Representative create a job listing (as well as the background check questionnaire).  Job listings and approved background check questionnaires must be finalized by April 30, 2019 for summer 2019.  Hiring packets should be submitted to FA-FWS@FSU.EDU through the FSU Dropbox.
Students can start working for summer beginning May 6, 2019 (as long as all paperwork is finalized) and may work until June 13, 2019.    No work-study student will be allowed to work past the June 13, 2019 deadline due to fiscal year end.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at or contact Jennifer Hall at 644-6346.  

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